Propeller Balancing

Drive with Comfort. Cruise with Ease. An Imbalance Prop Says Otherwise

At Big Sky Propeller, we understand the effect of imbalance props. Besides the excessive noise and discomfort that it causes. The excessive vibration and unstable nature- if not attended to, can lead to further mechanical catastrophes. That’s why we set out. To help with your boat propeller repair.

Big Sky Propeller offers a computerized dynamic balance system, using the most sophisticated tools and technologies that the industry has to offer. Our propeller balancing services include;

  • Static Balancing

Our static balancing process involves checking your propeller along its plane of rotation to ensure the weight of the hubs and the blade is evenly distributed. In case of imbalance or the presence of a heavy spot, our expert technicians get rid of allowable heavy materials to make the propeller statically balanced on any rotational position.

  • Dynamic Balancing

The process of dynamic balancing involves checking for vibration of the propeller on a boat while it’s in operation. Big Sky Propellers do this through the use of a multi-plate dynamic balance analyzer. Thus, we can accurately uncover and resolve any dynamic unbalance that’s affecting the efficiency and bearing life of your propeller.

  • Geometry Balancing

In a balanced propeller, this is still every possibility of imbalance. Each blade on your propeller must be checked and compared with each of the other blades to make sure they are identical in configuration. This process is often referred to as blade tracking or matching. To attain a geometric balance in your propeller, our propeller technicians use modern geometric measuring tools to ensure accurate propeller blade geometry.

Want to Stay Ahead of Repairing Boat Propellers? Big Sky Propeller Helps You Become Proactive with Propeller Servicing and Repair Needs. Contact Us Today.

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