Propeller Diameter Reduction

Get The Best Out of Your Boat Propellers by Modifying It Properties

As your boat ages, the number of revolutions of the propeller decreases making the boat less efficient on the water. To better this situation, reducing the diameters of the propeller is a key area of concern. To modify propellers characteristics, you must employ the service of a well-equipped team of professionals. That’s who we are at Big Sky Propeller.

What We Can Help You Achieve;

  • Get Propeller Diameter Right

As the diameter of a propeller increases, the ability to navigate through water is impeded by the blade of the propellers. This result is a potentially damaging drag on your boat. Our expert at big sky… can help you put things to order.

  • Accurate Propeller-Engine Matching

Want to move faster? The diameter of your propeller can be the reason your boat engine is not performing to class. Big sky… is here to help you with the right propeller configuration for your boat. We save you the headache of speed at the same time preventing serious engine problems could result.

  • Resizing Oversized Propeller

An oversize prop diameter increases the extent of wear in your engine cylinders. If left unchecked for too long, the cylinder walls and piston rings become damaged. So, whenever you experience abnormal tapping within your engine, it’s a warning from a prop with an oversized diameter. Get it reduced as soon as possible. Big sky is just a call away. Your solution is just a call away.

  • Moving With Ease

Large diameter plus shallow pitch equals over accelerating. Your propeller will have to spin and spin more before you reach the desired movement. We can help you match your propeller diameter to the rpm rating of your engine.

Think all thing Props. Think Big Sky Propeller. We Are Just a Phone Call Away. Contact us today.

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