Propeller Hub Repair

Few Prop Shops Have the Expertise, Tools, And Technology to Carry Out an Excellent Propeller Hub Repair. You Can Never Go Wrong with Big Sky Propeller.

For you, we built a team of hand-vetted propeller specialists using high-quality equipment and industry-standard techniques for repairing propeller hubs of all makes and brands.

Physical impairments on any sea-going vessel are one thing you don’t want to take for granted. Hub cracking, cavitation, and improper fit hub and tapers are some of the most common problems that vessel owners often experience. The bad news is; not all props shops can repair a propeller HUB. Else a replacement is imminent. The good news is; Big sky propeller is ready to help you solve;

  • Hub Cracking:

The leading cause of hub cracking is excessive heat during installation and removal. Not all hub mechanics understand this. Cracking is easily recognized from the visible discoloration of the hub metals. You want to entrust your project to an expert that knows the exact heat required to do your hub replacement. Why not try us out?

  • Improper Fit Hub Tapers

When there’s physical damage to your hub. The fit of the tapers and the shaft can become unstable. To ensure the lifelong integrity of your propeller hub, we make sure all areas of your hub are. thoroughly inspected ensuring necessary corrections and adjustment are made before your vessel resume sea-going.

  • Cavitation Plate Repair:

Big Sky Propellers also offers first-class cavitation plate repair and replacement services. For cavitation plate repair, you need to remove your lower unit and bring it to us. We use factory-made cavitation plates, conforming to OEM specs for a perfect fit in size and thickness.

And there’s more…

What If You Want Your Entire Lower Unit Reworked? Don’t Fret. You Can Trust Big Sky Propeller to Make It Happen.

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