Reconditioned Props for Sale

We Have Hundreds of Reconditioned Propellers for Sale. Select and Get it Delivered To Your Location. It’s Simple, Fast, And Easy.

In Need of a reliable refurbisher of props. We’ve been into propeller reconditioning for more than 30 years. We know your drive inside and out and we offer specs-matching lower units that are designed to meet factory standards.

Remanufactured props are economical alternatives for a spare propeller and are the preferred option for most boaters. Our reconditioned props are built by quality, trained mechanics with OEM parts to give you the best of the boating world.


Why Buy Reconditioned Props from Big Sky Propeller? 

  • We have one of the largest inventories of reconditioned propellers, both inboard, and outboard, in Columbia Falls, Montana.
  • We Build propellers to manufacturer specifications with all external and internal parts fully compatible and interchangeable with OEM drives.
  • Our props are priced at a discount cost to save you money. Usually half or two-thirds of a new propeller price
  • All lower units are rebuilt by factory-trained mechanics with up-to-the-minute industry knowledge.
  • Any prop you buy from us is guaranteed and warrantied
  • Shipping is fast and hassle-free. Most times under 48 hours

Our Reconditioned Props

  • Our reconditioned props are propellers that have been fully restored to factory new condition.
  • All our reconditioned props are thoroughly checked for balance, diameter, and pitch before being offered as available.
  • We also have props that have not been run at all but have been on someone’s shelf too long to be regarded as “new.”


If You’re Looking for A Particular Propeller, Please Call or Email Us – We Have It!

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  1. 2247 prop or a 2313 prop 15in what do you have? also what does it cost to fix a prop that has had the edges turned in? thanks

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